While productivity is a primary driver in all industries throughout the world, we at Brown's Construction Service, Inc. believe that productivity comes naturally when safety is a value and a belief of every employee. We engage and support our employees on many different levels throughout their career.

To deliver a safe and consistent work environment for all of our employees, we utilize various tools that provide interaction and engagement between Management, Supervisors, and Team Members. These tools provide accountability and discipline as a basis to grow our culture of Safety. Examples of such tools include:

  • Behavior Based Safety Team

  • Motor Vehicle Safety Program

  • Standard Operating Procedures (S.O.P.'s)

  • Values Observations

  • Verification & Validation Practices

Our Leadership’s Commitment to Safety

Our senior leadership is dedicated to implementing a strong and effective safety culture.  Routine inspections and audits in the field ensure that all processes are maintained and adhered to while also identifying potential risks and hazards. 

Safety Matters to Every Employee

By implementing peer-to-peer inspections and observations, we focus on identifying at-risk conduct as well as acknowledge safe behaviors. Our employees are encouraged to utilize coaching opportunities to provide positive reinforcement in an effort to instill a ‘safety-first’ mindset.

Safety Achievement & Recognition Program

We have implemented procedures which continue to strengthen our culture of safety.  This program provides positive feedback and engagement on safety successes and process improvements.


Compliance with Customer and Industry Standards and Policies

Our Safety Team works closely with our customers to ensure compliance with their processes.  Utilizing our tablet technology and associated workflow management software, we work with our customers to provide real-time data and analytics allowing us to mitigate potential risks.